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Thunderstorm of the Sand.
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Thunderstorm of the Sand

Jingle Bell by Gasara

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Since Kiras old Tumblr blog got deleted I decided to do a new one!
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01 How did I learn to draw
To begin with, I started drawing since I was a little kiddie. I am a self-taught artist and I've been drawing my entire life (as far as I can remember). But all really starts when I first watched Anime, and I was quite young then because my Brother and my sister always used to watch it and well – I am the youngest. But I guess Sailor moon and Dragon ball were my first. Anyhow all began with that. I always started to copy pictures on a blank sheet on paper over and over again until it looked alike. After that I began to study stick figures and watched Manga tutorials in how to draw them. But there was a Time (I should have been about 12) when I found out there are people who “edited” Screenshots from Naruto. My first Digital Program to use was the Old Paint and I started with that too. From time to time with editing and drawing myself I got at the Level I am at now with lots of using references, looking at them and studying. That's how I made it.

02 How often do I draw
When I was younger I drew much more than I do now because I had more free time and less problems. So at the moment I am quite moody and rare when I get over my illness and keep myself up drawing. But when I got into the state to it I draw quite much. That can hold on for a week or a bit more but can fast end like it began. But when it ends it is often that I don't draw for weeks or months because I lost motivation or do not feel well.

03 Traditional vs Digital
When I started drawing I didn't had a graphic tablet so I only drew the traditional way. That changed when I first got my graphic tablet and found out about “editing” in the Naruto community. Tho here and then I still scribble on sheets of paper, especially when I am not at home but often I digitize my drawings at my Computer then because I think my traditional drawing style is ugly.

04 Finding an own Style
To find an own style for me is quite hard because I want to master to draw like Masashi Kishimoto first before starting developing my own style. This is why my Pictures coloring and shading wise sometimes look different because I try out new different styles to find one for my own one day. Still I have to learn quite a lot such as Perspective, Backgrounds and semi-realistic up to realistic drawings.

05 Referencing
I do use references, from magazines, books,photos, TV shows ,Stock Images, How to draw books or life drawings and you know what? That's totally fine. Because if you start to practice or learn on how to draw something you first NEED to know what it does look like. Because, how do you want to draw something or learn to draw something if you do not know how it actually looks like? But if referencing always mention that you took references and if its a screenshots or whatever give the link in the description so no one will ever get mad with you. In my earlier days I used to think that it's better do avoid any references for drawings as much as possible but if you want to draw something clear and guided that is based on true living you need references sometimes.

06 How long do I take
Up to my mood and how big my projects are I take from 6 hours to days. Also depends on personal life and circumstances. If I am very busy in Real life I do of course need more time to finish an Artwork than I have time to concentrate on the Artwork only.

07 Tools and Software's
My Digital painting programs are Photoshop and Paint tool sai. There are also great artist who use Clip studio Paint or something but I am not used to this software, though I would like to try it out.
I use different brushes and settings in Photoshop and Sai for my drawings. Not only do I use my graphic tablet for drawing or coloring, sometimes I only use my mouse. Depends on my mood and how I want the outcome of the picture to look like.

08 Education and Work
I am educated as a graphic design assistant for graphic and object design for about three years in which I got many up and downs in my life but successfully passed. I want to work as a freelancer Artist one day but need to study a bit for that later on in my life.

09 Illness and abnormal behavior
However, I got a few mental illnesses from when I was just a teen up to now.I am sometimes more active than other days or weeks but you can always hit me up with a Note if you need to discuss something with me or want to know stuff. I understood that I don't need to prove anybody anything, not even myself. So if you're acting disrespectful in any way against me you'll have to live with the resulting consequences of this aka I will directly block you because I do not tolerate any asshole behavior to me or my supporter / watcher and in special cases depending on how you're acting toward me I will report you to the Deviantart staff. Who are YOU to judge?

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“Negative people enjoy the company of fake friends, but a positive person disowns them.”
Anuj Somani

“Using the horrible behavior of a few members of an already marginalized group as justification to mistreat or abuse the entirety of that group is a basic form of bigotry, and it’s disappointingly pervasive, even among people who are already themselves marginalized and mistreated. Judging everyone in a group by the poor conduct of its most reprehensible members is ignorant, hateful, and dangerous. You would think that people who have experienced that sort of treatment would know better than to inflict it upon others, but alas, this is apparently not the case at all..” - Cenkrett
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Wenn man bedenkt, manche Leute von denen  studieren oder wollen später Ärzte oder Krankenschwester werden ... Ganz ehrlich: Wtf. Deren mentale Inkompetenz, die im Internet an den Tag gelegt wird, müsste ihnen als Freifahrtschein für ein Leben unter der Brücke serviert werden.

Müsste mal an die
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Ganz ehrlich, mach dein Ding und scheiß auf Leute ohne Eigenleben und ohne kompetente Hobbys. Zum Glück hattest du es noch nie nötig, eigene Sachen zu erstellen, nur, um andere zu trollen xD God bless you.

Deine Ocs sind klasse. Dein Zeichenstil ist klasse. Scheiß auf die, die dich am Boden sehen wollen. Sie wollen nur, dass du dort landest, wo sie schon sind. ❤
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